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Cyprus Digital Nomads Visa

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

We are happy to introduce to you the Digital Nomads Permits. What is the "Cyprus digital nomad visa" and how does it work? The "Cyprus Digital Nomad Visa" Scheme allows nationals of non-EU and non-EEA countries who can work location-independently using telecommunications technology to temporarily reside in Cyprus and work for an employer registered abroad or provide digital services for companies/clients located abroad using telecommunications technology. The Scheme's goal is to strengthen Cyprus as a centre for the provision of electronic services, where the attraction of digital nomads, in combination with the other advantages offered by Cyprus, will contribute to the development of the business ecosystem and, as a result, to the country's economic development. The strategy for attracting businesses for activities or/and expansion of their activities in Cyprus includes the launch of the "Cyprus Digital Nomad Visa Scheme."

Who can apply?

  1. Non-EU or non-EEA nationals who can work from home using telecoms technologies;

  2. Individuals who are employed by a firm registered in another country for which they may work from anywhere, or are self-employed and provide services remotely to clients in other countries;

  3. Professionals who may be able to demonstrate that they have a monthly net income of at least €3500. (After the deduction of contributions and taxes).

Individuals who are granted a residence permit as a Digital Nomad will be eligible for the following benefits:

  1. A one-year right of residency in Cyprus, with the option of extending it for another two years. Family members have the right to live in Cyprus for the same term as the Digital Nomad, but they are not allowed to work or engage in economic activities. the same tax year.

  2. The applicants are considered tax residents of Cyprus if they remain in the Republic for one or more periods totalling more than 183 days in the same tax year, assuming they are not tax residents of another nation.

Are you interested in applying for a Cyprus Digital Nomad VISA?

For more information and clarifications on how to apply for a Digital Nomad Visa in Cyprus please feel free to contact us.

Become a Digital Nomad in Cyprus

Become a Digital Nomad in Cyprus.



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