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Providing sound legal advice through deeply rooted local expertise




Navigating through complex and uncertain legal provisions, The Legal Opinions provides qualified third-party opinions on an array of subjects, with our expertise lying in financial services to assist you to come to the right conclusion whilst allowing you to have a clear understanding of the law.

We can assist with drafting legal opinions in 70 other jurisdictions through our network of associates.

​Regulators, payment service providers and other methods of payment such as Visa and Mastercard are now requiring investment firms to show that the provision of services in third countries, where they do not have local regulation, is permitted and in line with local third country legislation.​

It’s important to remember that in drawing up a legal opinion on any issue, lawyers are responsible for their opinions, as they conduct legal and factual research, analysis and verification and it is for this reason that providing legal opinions can be a rather expensive process at times.

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Our global network of associates has been vetted to ensure that quality opinions are prepared with investment issues distinguished by strict language, clarity of circumstances provided and presence of transparent and understandable conclusions.

We have assisted investment firms globally, including Cyprus, South Africa, Belize, Australia and more, to attain legal opinions in over 70 countries.

Legal Opinions for Investment Firms

Commercial Law Solutions


Commerce, merchandising, trade and sales. We can advise on a broad range of corporate transactions, from constitutional issues to shareholder agreements, financial and investment structures and agreements.


Corporate Services

We possess the legal expertise to advise and assist local and international matters relating to incorporation and management of companies. We are successfully involved in many areas relating to corporate legal matters and can facilitate the whole corporate spectrum of our clients’ requirements including:

  • Company formation

  • Corporate structuring

  • Drafting of all corporate agreements and documents can be covered​

Employment Law

Employment law, all delivered with personal focus and professional assurance. Our team can help with drafting of employment-related documents, redundancies and unfair dismissal, termination of employment and workplace discrimination, regulatory compliance, contract negotiations and much more.

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Commercial & Corporate Law
Employment Law
EU & Offshore Company Incorporation



You can gain access to the European Economic Area through your EU incorporated company and benefit from the many advantages and privileges the single market can offer. However, setting up a new company in Europe can turn into an unpleasant and time-consuming experience for those not familiar with the procedures and who cannot speak the local language.


Our team of experts is here to assist you in incorporating your next company in EU jurisdictions with attractive low tax regimes and tradition in corporate services such as Cyprus and Malta. We can also incorporate companies in other EU jurisdictions through our extended network of experts.


No matter which EU jurisdiction you select, you will benefit from our extensive experience in the field and from our continuous support throughout the incorporation and on an ongoing basis.



Offshore jurisdictions are often selected for company incorporation as they offer an attractive taxation environment, asset protection and an added layer of privacy and confidentiality. Selecting the best offshore jurisdiction for your new company is not an easy task as each one of the jurisdictions provides interesting solutions and has its own advantages, however our expert team will be able to provide guidance depending on your needs.


At the same time, obtaining a bank account for your offshore company can be very challenging as international banks might be more stringent with some jurisdictions compared to others.  Other key factors in the selection of the appropriate offshore jurisdiction are the local incorporation and tax laws, the overall corporate environment, the cost of incorporation, the country’s economic and political stability and the annual fees required to maintain the company and meet its annual obligations.


Selecting the right jurisdiction can be a critical decision and our team of experts can assist you in the incorporation of your offshore company, providing a solution tailored to your business needs through our vast network of affiliated offices. We can also assist you with the annual obligations of the company.


The Legal Opinions prides itself on providing sound legal advice through deeply rooted local expertise in every jurisdiction, with the understanding required to help you achieve your professional and corporate goals.

Global Network
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