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What is a legal opinion?

A legal opinion, also known as an opinion letter, refers to verbal or mainly written legal advice on a point of law issued by an Attorney of Law (often referred to as counsel's opinion). Where the opinion is given by a foreign lawyer or foreign law firm it is usually referred to as a foreign legal opinion.

Hence, a legal opinion; defined as a statement of advice by an expert on a professional matter, states the legal opinion of a particular legal practitioner concerning the application of the law to a specific matter. An opinion letter will also express legal conclusions and recommendations about that specific matter and will be relied upon by the person to whom it is addressed.

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What is the purpose of a legal opinion?

The aim of a legal opinion is to explain in plain language where you stand from a legal point of view in terms of whether you have a strong case if the issue goes to court and what your other options are. In the context of a particular matter, a legal opinion can be obtained to:


  • Advise the legal effect of the matter in question

  • Establish legal risks that should be examined and managed

  • Demonstrate to a regulator that you have responsibly applied the law

  • Support your case

  • Provide verification to a client that your offer is legal

  • Give assurance to someone to get them to do something

  • Prepare a defence in the future

When is a legal opinion necessary?

Legal opinions are necessary in identifying the legal effect and potential legal risks relating to a variety of professional affairs and they are a common stipulation in cross-border matters. Obtaining a foreign legal opinion from a lawyer in the relevant jurisdiction addresses issues such as whether documents are legal, valid, binding, and enforceable according to the law and legislation of that jurisdiction. A third-party legal opinion can satisfy all parties that the same legal issues have been observed, considered, and concluded upon agreeably.

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How we can help you

Navigating through complex and uncertain legal provisions, the team of "The Legal Opinions" provides qualified opinions on an array of subjects, with our expertise lying in financial services, and funds within the EU and Third Countries, to assist you to come to the right conclusion whilst allowing you to have a clear understanding of the relevant Legal Framework.